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"Sponsoring a child tells them that someone believes in them."



Dream514 operates in some of Belize's most impoverished areas. The children growing up in these areas often face hunger, poverty, and lack on many levels. Sponsorship connects a sponsor with a child living in these unfavorable conditions and supports Dream514's programs for children in these areas.



The money a sponsor pays goes mostly towards the tuition of the student. It will also cover a backpack full of supplies and some books to help the student get ready for the new school year. In some cases, we are also able to provide food, clothing, etc. for your child. 

As a sponsor, you will also be able to give directly to your child through gifts, letters or by assisting your child with any special needs.

You can sponsor a child through Dream514 for only $25/month. Your sponsorship will cover either a primary student or a high school student.  Look over the profiles of our children and you can choose your own child to sponsor.



Are you interested in sponsoring one of these children in need? The cost is minimal, but the hope you’ll give a child is forever.


As a result of your sponsorship, your child will have a new outlook on life.  All children need someone to believe in them. You may be that person who instills hope for a future generation.  


You can play an important role in your child’s development. You can pray for him or her and send words of encouragement through letters. You can even visit your child through Dream514’s short-term trips!

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