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A sponsor's support and involvement in a child’s life plays a vital role in providing hope and building his or her future – a future filled with light, truth, hope and love.


It is our hope that sponsors will find the relationship with their sponsor child meaningful as well. Despite difficult circumstances, Dream514 children are full of light and will bring so much joy into a sponsor's life as they get to know them.


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Why is child sponsorship important?

Give children hope. 

For just $25/month you can give a child a positive outlook on life and hope for a future through education.

How can I play a vital role in my Sponsored Student's Life?

Pray for your child

These children live in challenging circumstances.  The most effective thing you can do is pray for them and their families.  Pray for your relationship with your child.  Share your prayer concerns with your child.  It will encourage them to know you are thinking about them and praying for their future and their daily life.

Build a relationship with your child

Sponsoring a child is more than providing support and an education.  These are crucial to their future but we strongly believe in your influence with your child.  Share stories from your life and your hopes and dreams.  When you become a friend, they will trust more and will be encouraged to know that you care.

Write Letters to your child

We encourage you to write the child several letters throughout the year. Answer the questions your child has asked you in previous letters. Talk about faith lessons that you are learning and share about your life.  Show them how God is working in your life. Write to your sponsored child here!

Visit your child

We would love for you to join us on one of our Open Trips to Belize. Find out about how to join a trip here.

Help provide other needs for your child

Each child lives in very different situations.  Our coordinators are aware of their situation and their needs.  If you become aware of a need through a letter, please discuss it with our coordinators.  They are happy to help the children if a need is present.  We do offer a Christmas giving program in November and December.  You can give to this program to help Dream514 give Christmas gifts to all of our sponsored students. 

Do to others as you would have them do unto you.

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