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How long does it take to get to Belize?

Actual flight time will be 8 hours, but layovers will increase the time. You will fly into Belize City, Belize.


How many bags can I take?

You can take 1 bag weighing 50lbs. You will be have another work crate assigned to your ticket. These bags will be used for items the Dream514 team may need to send to its communities and to do the work for the trip duration.



Safety is paramount and the Dream514 staff will do everything possible to ensure your safety.  Each team will have a trained Dream514 trip leader that will be with the team the entire time they are in Belize. Transportation will be provided by experienced Belizian drivers who are very aware of all transportation routes and communities. We do request that teams not venture out from the hotels at night. Please stay together as a group, be aware of your surroundings and keep your valuables secure. Always keep your backpack in sight.

Will I have fun?

Well, that depends on you! Just remember that you come to serve rather than be served. Stay flexible, as plans can easily change. You may need to step outside of your comfort zone to build relationships. You will make new friends while in Belize!

How much spending money should I bring?

That is up to each individual. Credit cards are not widely accepted

in Belize, so we would suggest $200-300 in cash. Please get small

bills such as $1, $5 and $10. The exchange rate is 2:1 ($1BZE = $0.50US).

What will the weather be like?

It's always warm and humid in Belize. It may also be rainy at times.

Do I need shots?

It is recommended that you consult your local travel clinic at your

health department or your family doctor. The Center for Disease

Control has a list of shots they recommend on their website at We have found that your local travel clinic is the

most economical and up to date in their information.

Will I get sick from the food or water?

Please use caution in the foods you eat. Make sure foods are well

cooked and hot. Do not eat any fruits or vegetables that cannot be

peeled. Only consume drinks such as cokes, bottled water or drinks made w/boiled water such as tea and coffee. Please do not drink the tap water. Tip: remember don't use the tap water to brush your teeth and don't open your mouth in the shower! That being said, don’t panic if you do, just remember to be more careful the next time!

Where will we be staying?

You will be staying in a Belizian local hotel. Hotels in Belize are a little different from hotels in the U.S., but we have chosen the best hotel we can find that offer the services we need. This hotel is affordable and in a good location relatively close to where we serve. Some of the communities do not have hotels in close proximity that we are comfortable with, so you may have to travel a good distance each day to reach the community you are working in.

What will we be doing in Belize?

Building relationships and sharing the love of Christ is the focus of all service trips. You will be working in one of Dream514 communities as part of the medical team or you could be doing projects within the community. You will be working with the Belizian people and the relationships are as important as the project. Teams  will also have the opportunity to attend or serve at a Belizian church. 


What will we do at night when we return to the hotel?

This is down time for the team to relax and process what you have experienced during the day. The team will have dinner together and spend some time debriefing the day and will have a devo. This is a great time for you to spend time processing the day with other members of the team and regroup for the next day. You will be tired so plenty of rest is suggested.


What if I don’t know the language?

English is the official language in Belize, however some people speak only Spanish or their native language/dialect. In the larger cities, English is spoken. Most of the children who are in school also speak English. In smaller communities, they are usually speaking a native dialect. So, do not worry about communication because there are lots of little translators!


Can I give my personal contact information to the people I meet in Belize?

Personal contact information should NOT be given to anyone.


Will we have the opportunity to shop while we are in Belize?

There may be an opportunity to buy handmade souvenirs at some of our clinics, but we can’t guarantee this to happen. Souvenirs can be purchased at the airport upon departure.

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