Love your neighbor as yourself.       -galatians 5:14          

What we do 


While doing work in the country of Belize for the past few years, we have grown to love the communities in the country of Belize, Central America. Over the past year or so, several key leaders in this ministry have had a dream in mind about what “could be”.  After several discussions, a new vision has been formed with dreams of making a lasting impact on the communities we have served each year on our trips.


We, the Maury Hills Church, believe we must do two things in this life: love God and love people.With a heart for the country of Belize and a passion for the people there, we feel it is God’s vision for us to invest in the country of Belize to help spur them on to change. We believe that a targeted effort can make a difference in the country of Belize to have a more lasting impact.